Sunday, March 16, 2008

Blood is the New Black: A Novel by Valerie Stivers

Cute book for a teen. Interesting concept and certainly when you consider the incredible lengths that some people will go to be skinny and fashionable-this is a fun way to poke fun at them.

Under Orders by Dick Francis

I am a bonafide Dick Francis junkie and this book is not up to snuff. I keep all my copies of his books to revisit whenever I need an old friend to lift my spirits and just enjoy a good read...but... I'm not sure what happened with this one. It seemed to lack substance and the plot line was very shallow as compared to the other Sid Halley stories. Gruesome and gory was certainly upheld but the wit was singularly lacking and the original Sid Halley although as ruthless as he needed to be wasn't the same amiable but intriguing hero. I will try the next Dick Francis if he writes another but I will be holding my breath for a return to the original well researched and fleshed out stories. Disappointed!

20 Century Ghosts by Joe Hill

What an amazing book to creep you out-weird you out and disturb your sleep. Although not all the stories are typical horror, they all contain elements of Joe Hill's vivid imagination, which seems to be unlike any normal person's ravings! I highly recommend.

Sharp Teeth by Toby Barlow

Sharp Teeth was quite an innovative read for me as I had never read prose written as verse before. I was dubious about finishing the book, after I had begun, but once involved with the story and characters I frankly found it to be quite entertaining. I was disappointed to finish it and will be looking for the next book by Toby Barlow.

Death Walked in by Carolyn Hart

For a first foray into the Death on Demand mysteries I quickly read “Death Walked In” by Carolyn Hart. Her heroine was very likeable but the story read like a ' junk food mystery '- a guilty pleasure. I was unfortunately able to see who the villain was with little guesswork on my part and I also found the story shallow with little substance and would have enjoyed more interactions between the two main characters.I will read another of her mysteries but won't go out of my way to buy one.