Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I miss my Son


Sometimes it feels like everyone is looking at me,

Or nobody is.

Because I scare them.

It isn't catching and I am tired of it all.


Sometimes I just want to scream,

"At least you can still hug your son."

Sometimes I wish that their son had died...not mine.

The emptiness is all consuming but exhausting,

I am embarrassed by all the attention....

But I feel worse if they forget.

It isn't catching and I am tired of it all.


My beautiful boy so full of life and joy,

Where did you go?

The loss of your vibrancy and enthusiasm

Has left a vacuum that is impossible to fill.

How can someone with so much life just be done?

It isn't catching.....and I am soooo tired of it all

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Keep Tuning In

As a newbie "blogger" I am making mistakes right left and centre. I hope to gradually overcome all my technical handicaps and post proper links to blogs, contests and anything else intriguing.
Keep an eye on this space as I will also continue to review books present, past and future.
Any hints on technical matters would be greatly appreciated and please don't whisper!

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Warrior's Princess by Barbara Erskine

The Warrior’s Princess by Barbara Erskine is filled with the magic that has infused all of her other novels. I found myself reading well into the night as I just couldn't put it down. The heroine Jess was very real and her warmth and confusion rang true to life although her experiences were anything but ordinary. The fear that she felt about her attack permeated the entire novel. Even though her attacker became known to Jess and was familiar to her in her present life...the way that Barbara Erskine skillfully wove in the present events with the centuries old tale of captivity and rape made it resonate.
The warmth and caring of her family and friends added to the normalcy of her world right before the past crept in and haunted her and took complete control of her life. The villainous element just kept the excitement level high throughout the book and you were never sure what the next page would bring.
Good read.

Anybody Out There by Marion Keyes

I can't even begin to tell you how much I loved this book. This is the first Marion Keyes that I have read and I can't wait to go out and find all the others and submerse myself in them. Her voice speaks to all women...she seems to know all the random thoughts that filter through our restless brains and also all the ones we deem too embarrassing to air in public. Although this makes for a riotous read it also speaks poignantly about the very real events in her heroine's life.
Thank you....I have found a new author!

It Only Takes a Moment: A Novel of Suspence by Mary Jane Clark

I found this book a little light for my taste. The short chapters were disconcerting and I felt that the characters lacked depth and I was not invested in their safety. I t was an easy read and I finished it quickly which was fine as the story felt quite superficial and suited the brief writing style.
I can see that the author knows well the politics of the newsroom and television reporting as this reads more like a script for a show than an in depth story based on the kidnapping of a child. I felt none of the urgency that I should have felt.
One thing that intrigued me was the surprise that I encountered at the end of the book. The villain was NOT who I expected it to be.