Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tiger, Tiger by Galaxy Craze

A book "claimed" from
Tiger, Tiger by Galaxy Craze is enthralling. The minute that May speaks of her life with her family, you are pulled into this consciousness of teen confusion and vulnerability. She has spent the majority of her life being blown around by the whims of her flakey mother who is always in search of her own fulfillment. She promises happiness for May and her brother Eden through every move away from home but continually comes up empty. The latest move involves transatlantic travel to an ashram in California…far away from the safety net maintained by the children’s grandfather and disillusioned father. May and Eden are thrown into this experience, looking out for each other and forced by their mother’s absence to form friendships of their own… their mother Lucy is involved in her own pursuits.
I give Tiger, Tiger four out of 5 stars. Through the book I lived May’s disillusionment with her mother and disappointment with her father but like May…I still believed in their ultimate redemption. I am convinced that they loved their children but their relationship with each other seemed to always overshadow everything, spoil it and guide them away from the reality of a functional family.

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