Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nicholas Dana Baff -January 28th, 1991-October 30th, 2006

"Bereavement is a darkness impenetrable to the imagination of the unbereaved."
--Iris Murdoch

My Prayer

To my darling Nicky,
Words fail me on this 2nd anniversary of your death. I can't believe that 2 years have gone feels like just blip in my life...a point at which all the joy has faded from my soul.
All that I felt good about as a grown woman was to be your and Madeleine's mother...everything else felt two were the only purity. I must find a way to keep going and continue to feel good about being your mom even if you are not here for me to hold and hug and watch grow up.
I want to believe that we will be together again.


Anonymous said...

Again, I am so very sorry for your Loss Tamara.
I don't know what I'd do if I ever lost my son.
I can only imagine your pain and sadness...your heart must bleed sorrow every, single day.
May he rest in peace.

-Bobbie Crawford-McCoy

Sandra said...

I was thinking about you on Thursday as I knew what an important date it was for you. I didn't want to leave a note just anywhere but now I see this post.
I can only hope it gets a littler easier for you as time goes by.
Take care.