Sunday, November 9, 2008

You've Been Tagged

I haven't been tagged yet for a meme so I thought that I would tag myself!

~You've Been Tagged~  Bermuda Onion's Weblog

6 Random/Weird Facts about myself:

* I ABSOLUTELY love to curl up in bed in the evening and have my supper there while I am reading my book...with the electric blanket on! (in fact reading in bed is my favourite)

* When I was a child....I WASN'T allowed in the adult section of the library...even though I had read everything in the children's section (my parent's had to sign a waiver)

* To celebrate our Welsh heritage my parents named my brother and sister with Welsh given names...Ceinwen and Bryn. I was NOT given a Welsh name and I was the 1st child.

* I was a total Queen fanatic when I was a teenager and not only saw them live twice but blew out my hearing listening to them at full blast on headphones.

* I do not enjoy reading the CLASSICS because although people revere them now and quote the day they were written as novels and pulp fiction and I predict that our present-day novels will become future classics.

* I am a total cat freak and have 4 cats....all female...and I cuddle them and play with them as if they were dogs. Two of them actually crawl into bed (under the blankets) with us every night and sleep at our feet.



sharonanne said...

My two girls loving curling up in my bed at night. I can't imagine living without cats!

sharonanne said...

I haven't been tagged yet either which is kind of sad. I'll have to fill this out later.

Beth F said...

Cats and books go together. Nice list!