Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nick's 18th Birthday

My baby was born at 01:36 am January 28th, 1991.

The happiest day of my life and I fell in love immediately, completely forever.


BooksandWool said...

That love is undescribable. Hugs from one mom to another.

Anna said...

I felt the same way when my daughter was born. That kind of love blows you away. ((HUGS))

Diary of an Eccentric

Dar said...

Hugs to you today Tamara.

Luanne said...

Love like no other...(hugs)

Jeanne said...

One of my favorite lines, that as a mom I can never read without choking up, is in Barbara Kingsolver's Animal Dreams, about how any mother who has lost her baby always knows exactly how old that baby would be on any given day.

I can't even imagine how that feels.

Toni said...

hugs Tamara.